iPhone XS Max Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case

Do you want to buy an iPhone XS Max 6.5 Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case, this is excellent case.

Here are our clients reviews on this case:

  • Case as described. Looks and feels like it will protect the phone. Fit the new iPhone perfectly. Would recommend this to friends.
  • This is the first time I bought a case of this brand and I can say I’m impressed. I had an iPhone XS Max before and the case I had scratched the rims of my phone, I don’t see that as a problem on this phone because it has rubber inside around the frame. I work construction and I need something that can take a hit, I already dropped this phone on gravel from a height of about 5 feet and it only scratched the outside metal frame a bit, as long as it doesn’t land face down you’re good. It has little bubbles on the inside that are shock absorbing. I’ve received compliments on it as well and I just love that I can put a picture of my girl on the back. The plastic on the back has like little dots on it I don’t know how to explain, but it’s not textured, you’ll be able to tell on one of the pictures but when I put the picture on the back you can see them, it’s cool. Will probably buy another one just to have different colors.
  • Got the case in the mail today. Phone hasn’t released yet so I just snapped my xs max in it. I had the same brand case on my iPhone 7 Plus and absolutely loved it and from what I see here, it’s pretty much the same case. Very sturdy high quality design. I definitely recommend this case to anybody who is thinking about purchasing one.

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