iPhone XR Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case

We have an iPhone XR 6.1 Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case,

Here are our clients comments on this case:

  • I had one of your cases on my iPhone XR and was very happy with the quality and practicality. I had it on the phone for almost two years and it nearly made it without a scratch. A couple weeks ago, I went to an amusement park and unfortunately, took my phone on a ride with me. As we made a 360 spin, I saw my phone being flung out of my rear pocket, over my head and hit a steel I-Beam right in front of me with such force that it bent the case and separated it from the phone before falling roughly 10 stories. While none of the glass survived, the phone still functions, makes/receives calls and texts (with the help of my car or Apple Watch) and I fully believe that if it wasn't for your case and its strength, when it hit the I-Beam, the phone would've been completely toast. Keep up the great work, I'll be sure to purchase another one for the new iPhone I'm about to order.
  • This is a quality case, it's sturdy, strong, and does everything it's meant to do. It was a little hard to get on at first, but I'm thinking that means it's nice and snug. A good choice to protect my iPhone XR.
  • Very sturdy, inexpensive case , like the feel and quality looks good . Would recommend!

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