iPhone 8 Plus Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case

If you want to buy an iPhone 8+ Plus Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case,

The following are comments from our customers

  • As a remarkable klutz, I need a case that is ultra durable and able to withstand drops, throws, angry and accidental yeets, and occasionally water or chemical spills. This was by FAR the best $10 I EVER spent to protect my new iPhone! This case has already saved my phone from dozens of drops, at least three of which were today (like I said, clumsy!). Do yourself a favor and invest the $10 to protect your hundreds of dollars phone! My case doesn't even have a scratch or crack on it yet and it's seen hard usage for almost two months now.
    The only minor issue is condensation can get under the plastic screen protector via the thumb hole or front-facing camera hole, but it hasn't damaged my phone at all, and you just take the case off for a second, wipe it off, and put it back on. The 30 seconds to do this every few weeks is well worth the protection the case provides!
  • I am very pleased with this case. I did remove the screen protector because I already have a shatterproof one installed. The case is very rigid and that makes the volumn buttons and the on/off button hard to manipulate. I tend to drop my phone a lot and, so far, it’s protected my phone well.
  • I bought this case for my son’s phone. The side snap wouldn’t snap all the way causing the screen protector to not be flush. This caused issues when touching the screen and having to press multiple times. I contacted the seller about this issue. They responded immediately and stated they would send me a replacement right away. I received it today and it’s perfect! I highly recommend them for their product quality and theirs service!! Thank you so very much, Ssunto!!!!

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