iPhone 7 Plus Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case

We have an iPhone 7+ Plus Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case,

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  • My husband is an industrial electrician and is super hard on his phone cases. He's dropped his phone from 30ft many times, so he usually goes with an otterbox as he's had the best luck with that brand protecting his phone. He claims that this case is just as good for less money.
  • I've had otter box defenders on my phones for a long time and when I got a 6s I decided to save the money and try that model's version of this. Worked great but the rubber felt stiffer than the actual otter box rubber outer shell. Not anymore, this version for the iPhone 8 feels much better plus the grippy sides are a nice little upgrade to the feel. I've dropped this several times already including on concrete and it held up just as good as an actual otter box defender. the screen protector functions just fine as well with no issues so far.

    Bottom line is if you want to save the money from buying the actual Otter Box this performs just fine and well enough for those that need a heavy duty case for protection. I wasn't disappointed at all.
  • The case is great! Best one I’ve bought!
    Top is high enough to really protect the screen, I’m sure it could absorb any shock! The only thing I didn’t like was the screen protector, thin plastic-glued in. I popped it out, cutting around where needed and added a glass one which fits perfectly in this case!

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