iPhone 7 Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case

If you are looking for an iPhone 7 Heavy Duty Durable Protective Hard Defender Armor Case,

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  • I love this case. The purple is beautiful and I love the feel of it. It offers the protection that I want and need with a 1 year old around as well. It was almost perfect, the only thing I didn’t like was the attached plastic screen protector it comes with. I couldn’t type unless I pressed really he’s on the screen. I don’t know if it’s my tempered glass that made it harder or just the plastic screen itself, but I just popped it out and now it’s perfect. No biggie. I would totally recommend this case to other iPhone users. Sturdy protection at a good price.
  • I have an iPhone 7. I have had the same otter box on it for almost 3 years and it finally got to the point where the rubber part was falling off. Comparing my name brand case to this case would be like comparing name brand Oreo and store brand. His case is nice but the plastic part is cheap feeling and seems like it will probably break after a couple of time taking it on and off. The rubber piece seems durable and is very similar to the name brand case. Overall, for less than $10 it is a steal! I am planning on upgrading to a new phone soon so I just needed something to protect this phone in the mean time.
  • My son's has dropped his Iphone 7 multiple times. He has dropped his phone in the car, accidentally while walking or when it fell off his bed when he fell asleep watching YouTube.
  • I bought this case right after I had to spend $70 to repair the camera because it slipped from his pocket while bike riding and he partly ran over it with his front wheel. Luckily he did not get his full weight on it and managed to just send the phone skidding on the concrete. He had one of those cool cases that allowed the camera to protrude out enough to get damaged. So we went online and he got to pick a case based on my criteria of full drop protection.

    This case will take a beating. It stands up to pretty much anything a 14 year old boy who is into multiple sports can dish out. It is pretty heavy and bulky but I believe it makes him more aware of it and less likely to shove it into places it doesn't fit properly. He likes the colors and has not complained about the buttons. He told me it was a pain to put on, so I don't think he will be slipping it off unless absolutely necessary. Plus he thinks the stand is great for watching videos.

    For $10, great deal.

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