iPhone 6 or 6s Protective Case

Why you need an iPhone 6 or 6s Protective Case?

These are our answers from our clients:

  • Excellent case for my iPhone. Dropped my phone several times on concrete and the case protected my phone perfectly. After trying several other cases that did not protect my phone, I would highly recommend this case.
  • I got this case to replace my Mblai case which finally wore out after 2 years. I got this particular one because of good reviews and I didn’t really want another belt clip. My old belt clip will work with this case. The rubber material is thick and more firm(not sticky)as is the defender or mblai, but doesn’t seem to be rubber. It feels different and smells similar to the the material used for swimming floats or mattresses like you get from department stores. I’m happy that it is the firmer material, but not sure of the durability of it. It came with a built in screen protector as described, but I removed it in favor of my tempered glass protector already on my phone. I carry my phone in very dusty environment and I have experienced how the plastic built in protectors let the dust get underneath and cause terrible viewing of my screen image. The buttons work with it, but the on/off button is a bit stiff. It may loosen with use. Looks pretty good so far

  • Great option and value for the $$. Got it for my 8 year old who cracked his screen several times already. I'm more comfortable with letting him carry his phone around more now. The case seems sturdy and it almost feels like those life proof case.
    He said he really likes it and I haven't heard any complaints for him yet.

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Heavy Duty Shockproof Dirtproof Durable Case Cover for iPhone 6 6s With or Without Belt Chip

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