Heavy Duty iPhone 6+ Plus or 6s Plus Protective Case

Many people enjoy our Protective Case for iPhone 6 Plus (6+) or 6s Plus (6s+)

Here are reviews from our clients,

  • Normally I don't like buying a phone case that isn't an otterbox brand but it looks exactly like it, minus the logo. It has the foam inside, the plastic inner area and the screen protector that does also still work with the finger scanner.
    I did decide to pop out the screen protector since it wasn't 100% against the screen but it was very close. The outer soft plastic is still very firm and did not stretch out even after taking the case on and off twice. All buttons are accessible and I'm very happy with it.
  • I got this case in the gray color for my iPhone 6s knowing that I am the kind of person that will drop my phone and do other dumb things that could damage it. I have been using it for several weeks and it has worked great. It has protected my phone perfectly even though I have been very rough on it. The plastic screen cover protects the screen but allows the touchscreen to work as well. The only thing to be wary of is the case is not completely waterproof; eventually droplets of liquid will seep inside. Also, other reviewers complained about the piece of plastic covering the home button. It's not that much of a problem but does eventually get crinkly and annoying in which case it can be easily removed. Overall, I would definitely recommend this case.
  • It was I year in May 18th I’ve owned this fun colored case. It’s been a great case. I’m now having to replace the screen protector because it’s not allowing me to cut and paste correctly but for $9.99 these days that’s a good value.
    I drop my phone a good bit due to neurological challenges experienced from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (incorrectly referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome).
    If your feel like you have no energy envelope please take a look At MEadvocacy.org to see if ME could be an issue for you. 90% are undiagnosed and not knowing isn’t going to stop you from pushing and crashing. This push and crash leads to increasing severity for many and I’m housebound. It sucks and I don’t want anyone to have to loose their life to this disease. Buy the case! You’ll be glad you did!

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Heavy Duty iPhone 6+ Plus or 6s Plus Protective Case

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